Speedwell Manufacturing Process

As an emerging aftermarket brand, Speedwell’s mission is to democratize performance and utility.

Here is how our forged wheels are made

Advanced Forging Technology

Every Speedwell forged wheel is manufactured equally, using the most advanced forging technology and in-house equipment available today

Aerospace Grade Billet

Every 6061 aluminum alloy billet will undergo tensile strength, metallographic analysis and hardness scale to ensure consistency and our engineering specification properties

12,000 Ton Hydraulic Press

After intense quality specification process, the cylindrical alloy billet is measured and cut into its precise wheel measurement Short billet block is then positioned dead center onto the platform of our in-house H-Frame hydraulic press (rated at 12,00 ton capacity)

No Air Bubbles & Particles

After heading the billet block to 950 degrees Fahrenheit, the hydraulic press forges the billet block into a wheel blank within 90 seconds

T6 Heat Treat Process

Wheel blanks are then cooled and prepped to undergo T6 heat treatment in order to generate the highest degree of material density, stability and weight reduction at extreme conditions
“Quick motion ensures no air bubbles or contaminants within our wheel blank”

Multi-Axis CNC Mill

Heat-treated wheel blanks are placed into our state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC mill for lathing, machining and heavy-duty polishing

Precision Tooling

A variety of tools are utilized to cut the wheel face, mill back pockets and spoke groves, to shave off excess weight without penetrating structural integrity
“More than 75% of the wheel blank’s mass is eliminated during the CNC process”
“Final tooling stage is crucial for Speedwell wheels’ lightweight and strength characteristics”

“Made for Winners”

Each Speedwell wheel is meticulously inspected. Only the wheels that pass inspection are sent for final polish, coating, and final inspection The thickness of the coating is also measured to ensure uniformity and pristine finishing on all Speedwell-branded wheels